100 g Moroccan octopus chorizo
Grilled Moroccan octopus with chorizo, aubergine caviar  A*(7,14)
299,00 Kč
110 g Grilled tiger prawns
Flash-roasted prawns with ginger, chilli, caramelised orange segment A*(2)
295,00 Kč
Monastery cellar board
A selection of cheeses and home-smoked meat with fig marmalade, horseradish, seasonal fruit A*(1,7,8)
255,00 Kč
200 g Sausages from the Havelka butcher with black beer
Spicy sausages, in onion-paprika pickle, baked in black beer A*(1)
280,00 Kč
90 g Salmon tartar
Salmon tartar, served on green salad, white bread  A*(1,4)
195,00 Kč
80 g Grilled goat’s cheese with rocket
Served on white toast with cherry tomatoes and honeyed nuts A* (1,7,8)
240,00 Kč
Goulash made from aged round beef
Served in a bread bowl  A*(1)
129,00 Kč
Pumpkin soup
Creamy Hokkaido pumpkin soup with coconut milk and sour cream gnocchi  A*(7)
129,00 Kč
Sheep’s cheese salad
Fresh mixed vegetables with feta cheese, basil pesto and pumpkin oil  A*(7, 8)
230,00 Kč
Vegetarian green salad
Light lettuce and vegetable salad with cranberry vinaigrette
210,00 Kč
Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast / prawns
Shredded romaine lettuce with anchovy dressing, butter croutons, chicken / prawns (100 g) from the grill, grana padano shavings A*(1,3,4,7,10)
230,00 Kč
250,00 Kč
360 g Roasted baby chicken
Corn-fed chicken roasted till golden in butter, potato puree, sauce sautéed chanterelles, wild cranberry glaze A*(7)
390,00 Kč
250 g Beef entrecote
Beef entrecote roasted on the grill, grenaille potatoes with sea salt, glaze with green pepper and cognac A*(7)
510,00 Kč
200 g Grilled pork tenderloin
Pork tenderloin with red wine  sauce,onion chutney,  mashed potato A*(1)
295,00 Kč
600 g Monastery cellar selection of grilled meat for 2 people
Grill-roasted beef entrecote, chicken breast and pork tenderloin, creamy mushroom sauce, wild cranberry glaze, roasted grenaille A*(7,9,10)
1 240,00 Kč
750g MAXI selection of grilled meats from the monastery cellars (for two people)
Grilled beef entrecote, pork tenderloin, roast boar with mushroom sauce, wild cranberry dip, roasted grenaille and a small green salad with mustard dressing  A*(7,9,10)
1 690,00 Kč
250g Roast boar
Wild boar roasted with juniper and served with rosehip sauce and baked jacket potatoes  A*(7,9)
510,00 Kč
170 g Fresh spaghetti aglio oglio with grana padano
Chilli and garlic quickly sautéed in olive oil, rocket, grana padano A*(1,3)
260,00 Kč
170 g Salmon steak
Grilled fillet of salmon with spinach, mustard – honey sauce,sautéed jacket potatoes A*(4,7,11)
340,00 Kč
1/4 crispy roasted duck
Duck slow roasted in its own juices, red cabbage, a selection of homemade dumplings A*(1,3)
295,00 Kč
800 g Golden-roasted pork knee
With baked bread, fresh Milanese horseradish, coarse-grained mustard A*(7,10)
375,00 Kč